Using Ho’oponopono

Last weekend’s meditation was rather nice.  The weather was rather cold after a winter storm, but I was comfortable enough all bundled up.  Fortunately, there was barely any breeze at all.

During my meditation, I used the information from Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s work combined with the Hawai’ian tradition of Ho’oponopono.  The Intention Experiment work at Lake Biwa used the prayer, “My intention is for this water to become part of my heart and to send love to it so that it begins to purify.”  The Ho’oponopono prayer is, “I am sorry.  I love you.  Please forgive me.  I thank you.”

Combining these, my mantra for the meditation was, “Ocean, I take you into my heart so that I may love you and we may be purified.  Ocean, I am sorry.  Ocean, I love you.  Ocean, please forgive me.  Ocean, I thank you.”  As I did a mala of this mantra, the sky took on an iridescent quality.  It was a beautiful experience.  Using the mantra kept me focused in feeling love for the ocean.

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