Importance of Linking Projects

I listened to a channeled message from the Arcturians via Sue Lie and guided through interview by Steve Beckow.  At about 37:35 in the audio, the message talks about the various groups on the planet finding out about each other and joining together.  The means of doing so will in many cases be through the Internet.  As expressed in the message, this unity and joining together is essential to the success of everyone interested in the health of this planet:

“There isn’t enough power for individuals to heal the great damage that was done to this planet and to override the darkness that still exists on this planet.  It is within the unity of Light that Gaia will be free.”

The message further describes how the linking of groups with interest in working for our planet will create the critical mass by which Gaia will flash into the next dimension, with us along for the ride, it would seem.

One aspect of my vision for this website is to create a resource page whereby those working on various projects relating to Gaia may find each other and work together.  It is my hope to provide a means of sharing information about spiritual as well as physical projects that people are working on.  I am interested in hearing about the various clean-up and regeneration projects that are going on as well as any prayer projects or energy healing work going on that is directed toward the health of our planet.

If you are working on any projects of any kind relating to Gaia, please contact me by clicking here and using the form to send me an email.  I would love to publish guest posts about your projects, complete with links to your sites.  Providing this resource list will help people find projects that resonate with them.

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