World Day of Love and Thanks to Water

In his book, “The Healing Power of Water,” Dr. Masaru Emoto requested that we establish July 25 as World Day of Love and Thanks to Water. He suggested that we celebrate as follows:

“We’ll start this event with a ceremony to send out our feelings to the life-giving liquid and in this way gradually raise our consciousness. Take part in it on your own or with others, and direct your thoughts and prayers to water. Every single person counts; each loving word matters. All drops that are treated with love and respect carry those vibrations out into the world.

“To increase the power of the message, I suggest sending out the vibrations three times during the day, say at 7 A.M., 1 P.M., and 7 P.M. (your local time). Please direct love and thanks to water at one or all of these times and pass this information on to all those who are interested.

“How you arrange the ceremony is completely up to you. You can say prayers from your own religion, or you can do a visualization. I, for instance, imagine silver/golden light filling water and the earth and flowing out of the heart of each and every person.”

I have set up an event in the Los Angeles area.  Please see the event listing for further details.  I suggest setting up additional events in your own local area.

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