Sunya Stithi

Today in my meditation teacher’s study group, we studied some of the history of Sri Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba.  In the process, we came upon the concept of sunya stithi.  According to the book we were studying, in Sanskrit this means “in nothing is everything; in everything is nothing.”

The teacher asked what we thought that was.

I offered that it might be the void or what in the Hindu tradition is considered the sky element.

The instructor said this was correct.

I asked her if this was the same concept as that of energy from quantum physics where energy can flip-flop to matter and back to energy again.

She said that this was correct.

I then asked if it was appropriate to set an intention that matter be returned to the void.  I gave as an example the radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

She said that it must be kept in mind that the energy from this contamination was very dangerous.  It would be better to send it transformative loving energy.

I mentioned the Ho’oponopono process that I had used in a previous meditation session at the ocean, since it includes loving affirmations.

She agreed that this would be an appropriate approach.

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