ThetaHealing for the Planet

Theta Healing croppedThetaHealing is an advanced energy healing technique that uses focused thought and prayer to work directly on the beliefs that underpin the structure of our reality on all levels, including our DNA.  In its advanced forms, it involves the knowledge of moving and changing organic and non-organic matter.  As such, these techniques can be used in working with the planet and the universe.

Naturally, working with a healing technique of this potential implies a high level of responsibility.  Vianna Stibal says, “The golden rule of advanced ThetaHealing is to be careful with this work.  Once your intuitive abilities have developed, it is imperative that you are conscious of the thought forms you project while in a Theta state.  This is why it is important to use the belief work to remove and replace negative programmes in addition to downloading feelings from the Creator to bring yourself to a place of purity in your thoughts.”  In other words, we must discipline our emotions to protect against miscreation.  Belief work in ThetaHealing is about installing Creator’s truth.  Linda Grimm has in her blog post, Healing Our Planet After A Disaster, listed beliefs we can install.  Much of this is about releasing the limitations that have been taught to us for millennia.  Another part of this work is to install the knowledge of how to approach all things with the Unconditional Love that the Creator would have us express.

As for healing the planet, Vianna Stibal claims that “the brain and the soul are connected to the giant nervous system of the Earth.  The Earth in turn is connected to the nervous system of the universe, our infinite ‘outside’ body.  This outer connection to the universe is the same as our inner connection to the body in that we may effect changes upon the universe outside our space in much the same way as we do internally.  The reason this is not happening today is because centuries of children were raised with the beliefs that they had limitations.  And we have accepted these limitations in, around and through the DNA on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.”

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