Reiki for the Planet

event_66685732Reiki is a technique of drawing universal energy into oneself and channeling it into oneself or another person for the purpose of healing.

When I looked for a book about using Reiki for the healing of the planet, Planet Earth Today by Candace Caddick came up.  This is a channeled book from the angels.

According to these angels, healing circles were a regular event among the Atlanteans.  Their children were taught to do Reiki on themselves from a very young age, which they would do daily.  At the healing circles, this Reiki energy would be drawn down into the Earth to nourish her.  But the events were more than just people sitting around in a circle, meditating to pull down the energy.  The people would also bring their drums and musical instruments.  There would be those in the outer circle doing the meditation and pulling down and holding the energy; and there would be those within the circle making music, singing, and dancing.  All of this would create an energy of happiness and joy that would nourish and heal the Earth and all those participating.

According to the book, restoring the practice of regular participation in healing circles is an important step in bringing about the healing of our planet.  Doing so will also create the impetus to engage in physical forms of healing for the planet as well.  As the energy is set for the healing of the planet, the people will pick up this energy and be inspired to go out to do cleanup projects and other acts of nurturing for the planet.

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