Sunya Stithi

Today in my meditation teacher’s study group, we studied some of the history of Sri Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba.  In the process, we came upon the concept of sunya stithi.  According to the book we were studying, in Sanskrit this means “in nothing is everything; in everything is nothing.”…

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Leonardo DiCaprio Contributing Toward Planetary Healing

Leonardo DiCaprio accepting Crystal Award

This report comes from the World Economic Forum in Davos at an award ceremony to give the Crystal Award to honor their charitable works.  Actor Leonardo DiCaprio opens this video clip with a report on the challenges facing the planet. BBC: DiCaprio attacks ‘corporate greed’ of oil, gas and coal…

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First Meeting Summary

We had our first introductory meeting at The Path on Saturday, November 21, 2015.  Roxann Higuera presented her concept for this project and invited others to share their ideas. It was suggested that as we do this work, we don’t hold any attachment to the outcome.  That idea relates well…

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Dare to Think Big!

Think Big!

This project challenges us to believe that we can affect our planet’s waterways, land, and atmosphere.  This project challenges us to believe that we can change matter in large quantities through spiritual healing techniques.  This project challenges us to think BIG, on a planetary level. I do believe that it…

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